Young jiro and setsuno episode 56

Young Jiro and Setsuno, the first combo revealed in the series.

A Combo (コンビ Konbi) is a term which describes a mutually beneficial partnership between a Chef and a Gourmet Hunter. A Chef tends to partner themselves with the "strongest Gourmet Hunter," so that they can receive the highest quality Ingredients. The same goes with the Gourmet Hunter who tries to team themselves up with the "best Chefs," so that those Ingredients they capture can be best cooked. Either way, most Gourmet Hunter have very limited skills at food preparation, which is why the partnership was established in the first place. The Chef in the Combo is also usually the one that cooks the Gourmet Hunter's Full Course Menu. This isn't compulsory, and finding a Combo seems to be quite rare, with only five known combos. However, Midora, the boss of the Gourmet Corp., claims all the chefs in his organization are his Combo.

Known CombosEdit

Known Combo's between Gourmet Hunter and Chef's include:

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