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Poison Dressing
Poison Dressing
Poison Rifle
Poison Rifle
Poison Cannon
Poison Cannon
Coco's Intimidation
Coco Intimidation
Coco dodging digestive acid attack from Devil Python
Spitting with hair
Doku Maku (Poison Membrane)
Doku Maku
Using Knocking on Puffer Whale
Coco Knocking Puffer Whale
Coco doing Poison Cannon on King Landler as seen in Gourmet Survival 2 Opening
Coco Poison Cannon King Landler
Coco and Kiss dodging Gido's GT Robo attacks
Coco and Kiss dodging
Coco and Kiss hit by Gido's GT Robo Cooking Fire attack
Cooking Fire
Coco dodging Gido's GT Robo Peeler Shot attack
Gido GT Robo Peeler Shot
Coco using Poison Rifle on Gido's GT Robo
Coco Poison Rifle
Coco using Poison Sword on Gido's GT Robo
Coco Poison Sword
Coco using Poison Cannon on Honey Dragon
Poison Cannon2
Coco using Poison Armor
Coco Poison Armor
Coco using Poison Sword on Basilicroc
Coco Poison Sword in Poison Armor
Coco shooting with his Poison Bow at Invaitdeath
Coco shooting with his Poison Bow at Invaitdeath
Coco's Poison Doll, an exact replica of him and Kiss made from poison which he used to distract the Invaitdeath
Poison Doll
Coco hitting Invaitdeath with his Mold Spear
Coco hitting Invaitdeath with his Mold Spear
Four Beast attacks Coco
Four Beast attacks Coco
Four Heavenly Kings combo attack of Cannon Fork with Hear Lead, Poison Coating and Thunder Noise against the Four Beast
Cannon Fork + Hair Lead + Poison Coating + Thunder Noise
Four Heavenly Kings unite into the ultimate predators
Four Beast feels predators
Dinner of Kings
Ou Shoku Bansan
Poison Sound Armor
Poison Sound Armor
Poison Machine Gun
Poison Machine Gun
Poison Dressing
Grinpatch absorbs Poison Dressing
Coco gets pushed away by Grin
Grin blasts Coco away
Poison Machine Gun: Scatter Shot
Poison Machine Gun Scatter Shot
Grin blocks Coco's sword with straw
Grin blocks Coco&#039;s sword with straw
Grin sucks in "Coco"
Grin sucks in Coco
Coco sends Grinpatch flying
Coco sends Grin flying
Coco blocks Grin's air bullets
Grin shoots a barrage of air bullets
Coco counterattacks Grin with Poison Spear
Grin attacks with Breath Missile
Coco shoots Poison Rifle to Joa
Joa blocks Poison Rifle






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