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Coco post-time skip

Coco GGB

Japanese ココ
Romanized Coco
English Coco
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Birthday October 29th
Age 27 (start of the series);
31 (Post-Time Skip)
Status Alive
Height 200cm
Weight 100kg
Blood Type A
Professional Status
Affiliation Gourmet Fortune;
Four Heavenly Kings
Occupation Gourmet Hunter;
Fortune Teller
Partner Four Heavenly Kings
Personal Status
Relatives Ichiryu (adoptive father)
Pets Kiss Icon
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 7
Anime Episode 3
Japanese Sakurai Takahiro
English Jarrod Greene
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Hunting MethodEdit


Due to being exposed to so many poisons, Coco's body became capable of synthesizing its own powerful poisons, making him a Poisonous Human (毒人間 Doku Ningen). Coco's poison can be secreted from any part of his body, and he can control its concentration and effects. His poison is composed of his own bodily fluids, meaning he becomes dehydrated the more poison he produces, with his limit being 15 liters. The poison tends to become darker when he increases its lethality. Producing different types of poison and applying them in different ways gives Coco a variety of abilities. Coco's body contains over 500 different types of poison antibodies, and can adapt nearly instantly to new ones with the exception of Gourmet World poisons like the Green Rain. It should be noted that some of Coco's poisons act more like acid, and in some cases, they are actually composed of acid, giving his poison highly corrosive properties. He can also absorb his poison back into his body.

Like the rest of the Four Heavenly Kings, Coco's Gourmet Cells seems to be quite compatible with Acacia's Full Course. Here is a list of the changes depending on the course eaten:

  • AIR: The first course to be eaten. Coco's Gourmet Cells started to awake and he seems to have more control over them than before. He can even morph his left arm into the arm of his Appetite Demon (white skin, black spots).


Coco Intimidation small

Most wild beasts can sense the danger of Coco's poison, frightening them off instantly. Coco's actual Intimidation takes the form of his Appetite Demon, an emaciated traditional Japanese ghost with stringy black hair and an empty, void-like mouth and eyes. The color of his intimidation aura is purple.

Superhuman VisionEdit

Coco's enhanced sense as one of the Four Heavenly Kings is vision. He has the ability to see non-visible spectra of light due to the high amount of cone cells in his eyes and can read electromagnetic auras in order to predict an animal's (or person's) next action. This serves as the basis of his fortunetelling abilities. Coco's visual processing abilities are similarly enhanced to keep up with this visual prowess; Toriko notes that the symbols on Gourmet Casino's enormous and unpredictable 100-wheel slot machine are essentially 'standing still' for Coco.

Fortune TellingEdit

Coco earns most of his living by working as a fortune teller, and his fortunes have a 97% accuracy rating. His visual powers can even see the "Shadow of Death" over people and animals who soon will die. While these predictions of death are generally accurate, they can sometimes be subverted in various ways, such as when Komatsu temporarily died as Coco predicted, only to be revived by Knocking Master Jiro. With his fortune telling, he was able to win a trillion yens in one day, and defeat Livebearer despite his opponent cheating. 


A phenomenon which causes one to not just perceive the natural reception from a stimulus like hearing a sound or seeing a color, but perceive completely other kinds of sensations. Using this sense Coco grasped the slight difference in electromagnetic waves seething out of the Gourmet Tasting Cards during the game of Food Concentration against Livebearer. Using his synesthesia Coco could easily discern the cards electromagnetic waves and by forming them into images he searched out cards having the same 'color' and 'shape' allowing him to predict which cards were hits and which were not.


Coco is skilled enough to knock a Puffer Whale, using a Delicate-Type Knocking Gun. He was also able to use his poison to knock Livebearer.

Tactical GeniusEdit

Coco has demonstrated excellent tactical ability, as shown during his battle against a GT Robo, where he uses his poisons to bypass the robots poison defenses, infiltrate its body and melt the Robo's Core antenna, as well as during the Food Concentration game. He correctly predicted that his opponent, being the owner of the entire casino, would have rigged the entire game set-up to be in his favor as much as possible, and successfully used Livebearer's arrogance and complacency against him, through Coco's own prior knowledge of poison and the properties of the various ingredients in the game.

Life EraseEdit

Life Erase (消命 Shōmei) is a technique that Coco used it while hunting Puffer Whale. By lowering his killing intent Coco erases his presence allowing him to get close to an animal without it being aware. 


While not a Chef, Coco has displayed some knowledge and ability to prepare specially-prepared Ingredients, particularly those involving poison, such that he is one of the few people capable of successfully removing the poison sack of a Puffer Whale (though he admits that his success rate is very low compared to others and is incapable of performing the task if tired in any way). He also provided advice to Komatsu during the process on how to prepare some of the ingredients during Food Concentration, demonstrating advanced knowledge on preparing ingredients for their nutritional value and which ones complement each other the best.

Weapons SpecialistEdit

In battles he has different weapons. There are bullets where he can increase the power and speed by spinning them upon release, swords created from his blood and poison, which create blades that are stronger than steel, and armor that is made of the same substance as his swords. Recently he created a bow and arrows that he can use without missing his target and a spear with the throwing speed of mold spore discharge (the fastest speed of any living being).

Food HonorEdit

With the teaching of Food Honor he learns how to reduce his useless movements, be more delicate, faster, stronger, and create new types of poison. In the latest battle with Grinpatch in the Cooking Fest Arc he hinted about a dangerous poison that could shorten his life or even kill him.

  • Food Immersion (食没 Shokubotsu): Coco has mastered Food Honor to the extent of learning the secret technique of Food Immersion with this ability he can store and produce enough poison to create a copy of himself and Kiss for his Poison Doll, flood the area where he is fighting and still be able to produce more to battle with. His limit of poison released increased from 15 liters to well over 100 liters since he can produce more than enough to make a perfect copy of him and Kiss and still have enough to fight. In the anime he was able to store the poison from Invaideath that flooded the area.

Appetite EnergyEdit

Coco learns to use the Appetite Energy alongside the other Heavenly Kings during his fight against the Four Beast, by performing the combination attack Dinner of Kings. After that, the Appetite Demon of his Gourmet Cells (which he claims to be a manifestation of Appetite Energy) awakened. Thanks to this, he can use this demon to produce his Devil Poison.


After being defeated by Bambina, Coco learned Enbu from Kaka and several masters. This allows all 60 trillion of his cells to transfer energy through and out of his body like a sieve, such as the force of attacks and the gravity of 100G Mountain.

Poison TechniquesEdit

Part 1: Human World SagaEdit

Offensive TechniquesEdit

Poison Cannon small
  • Poison Cannon (毒砲 Doku Hō): Coco gathers a ball of lethal poison around his fist and fires it as his opponent.

Poison Rifle small
  • Poison Rifle (ポイズンライフル Poizun Raifuru): Coco fires minuscule amounts of poison from his fingertips, sometimes adding spin to increase his accuracy.

Coco Poison Sword small
  • Poison Sword (ポイズンソード Poizun Sōdo): Using Poison Solidification, Coco creates a blade of solidified poison. The sword is stated to be stronger than steel.

  • Aqua Regia (王水 Ōsui): A liquid poison Coco creates using concentrated hydrochloric acid and nitric acid at a ratio of 3 to 1. With it he can melt even gold and other normally non-corrosive materials. Aqua Regia is the (outdated) Italian word for "Water of the King".

Coco shooting with his Poison Bow at Invaitdeath small
  • Poison Bow (毒弓 Doku Yumi): Using Poison Solidification, Coco can create a solid bow and arrow made of poison to fire it as a long-range attack. He has incredible aim with it as he was able to hit targets despite the long distance between them.
Coco hitting Invaitdeath with his Mold Spear small
  • Mold Spear (モールドスピア Mōrudo Supia): A spear made with poison similar to mold spores, the speed of which is the fastest speed reached by any living creature in the world (close to the speed of light), making it impossible to dodge when thrown. Currently, Coco can only manage to create one spear at a time.
Hell poison
  • Hell Poison (毒地獄(ヘルポイズン) Heru Poizun): A powerful poison Coco uses when he wishes to destroy his foe entirely. He only uses it when no other lifeforms who might be harmed are around. The poison itself is a chemical made by Coco rapidly vaporizing his body's waste products and has a similar composition to volcanic gas. As well as being deadly when inhaled the poison is highly corrosive, even flammable and explosive.
Poison Virus tip of Arrow
  • Poison Virus (ポイズンウイルス, Poizun Uirusu): A special virus that adapts itself to a poison that the target has no antibodies for, it is used on creatures with antibodies that counteract all of Coco's other poisons.
Poison Machine Gun small
  • Machine Gun Poison (劇毒機関銃(マシンガンポイズン) Mashin Gan Poizun): Coco fires small bullets of highly corrosive poison at a very rapid rate from the fingertips of his left arm. It is strong enough to vaporize even bones.
Poison Machine Gun Scatter Shot small
  • Double Scatter Shot (2丁乱れ撃ち Ni Chō Midare Uchi): Coco uses both arms to increase the quantity of shots and the range of attack of his Machine Gun Poison. He used this technique to find an opening to attack Grinpatch while he was sucking in all the shots.
Devil Poison

Devil Poison

  • Devil Poison (デビルポイズン Debiru Poizun): A worst-case-scenario poison that Coco uses as an absolute last resort; due to his Gourmet Cells taking a considerable amount of energy from him, his hair loses pigmentation after its use and it leaves him near death. Coco's Appetite Devil seemingly drips the Devil Poison directly from its mouth into the victim's mouth. After eating AIR, he no longer loses his hair pigmentation when using it. When he used it on Gorilla Taurus, he claimed that it was an "addiction" with guaranteed dependency. This type of poison was strong enough to force Grinpatch to go berserk doing random attacks, and much later got him sick despite the multiple filters that the Sous Chef's body possesses.

Defensive TechniquesEdit

Poison Dressing small
  • Poison Dressing (ポイズンドレッシング Poizun Doresshingu): Coco's skin becomes flush with poison. This serves as a sort of armor for him, as wild beasts can detect this poison from afar and become wary of approaching or attacking him.
Doku Maku small
  • Poison Membrane (毒膜 Doku Maku, Poison Skin in the English dub): It is when Coco 'sweats' a large amount of poison, forming a layer of liquid poison over his entire body. This poison forms a protective barrier against other poisons or corrosive chemicals.
Coco Poison Armor small
  • Poison Armor (ポイズンアーマー Poizun Āmā): Using Poison Solidification, Coco creates solidified poison armor in the shape of a Samurai's armor.
  • Poison Decoding (Unnamed): Coco, with his wide knowledge in poisons, their effects, chemicals and his bodily functions, can decode any poison that affects him. This ability was first shown in the Puffer Whale Arc, where he gets injected by the Devil Serpent, and he decodes the poison as a he assumes it as a challenge from the Devil Serpent. Later, after learning Food honor it is shown that he can do this in the blink of an eye, effortlessly, a midst battle, with the Four Beast Arc.

Supplementary TechniquesEdit

  • Poison Solidification (毒液凝固化 Dokueki Gyōko-ka): By combining his poison with clotting agents from his blood, Coco can solidify his poison into the shape of various weapons.
  • Poison Jamming (妨害毒(ポイズンジャミング) Poizun Jamingu): Coco coats the antenna of a GT Robot to disturb the electromagnetic waves.
  • Poison Knocking (ポイズンノッキング Poizun Nokkingu): Coco induces knocking on the target by coating their body in poison.
  • Heat Poison (熱毒 Netsu Doku, Hot Poison in the English versions): A special heat-generating poison (possibly acidic) which can melt through thick ice.
  • Poison Doll (毒人形(ポイズンドール) Poizun Dōru): After his training in Food Honor, Coco can create a perfect duplicate of himself or someone else made with poison. The duplicates are so flawless that the duplicate of Kiss could fly independently and revealed bones when destroyed. Post timeskip, when Coco was in Yuto Island, he showed his improved Poison Doll ability as he was able create 2 dolls in a short period of time.

Joint AttacksEdit

  • Poison Knocking Nail Punch (Unnamed): A combo attack done by Coco and Toriko. Coco shoots paralyzing poison and waits for it to take effect while Toriko charges up his Nail Punch. Once the poison paralyzes the target, Toriko hits the the target with his attack. This was used on a Devil Serpent during the Puffer Whale Arc. The only time Toriko and Coco used this technique Toriko attacked with 5-Fold Nail Punch.
Cannon Fork + Hair Lead + Poison Coating + Thunder Noise small
  • Poison-coated Thunder Cannon Fork (Unnamed): An attack only seen on the anime that combines powerful techniques of all Heavenly Kings. Toriko first projects several Flying Forks to create a Cannon Fork, then Sunny drives it with his Hair Lead which gives it momentum and a direction to strike; Coco adds a Poison Coating by firing a large amount of poison at the Fork, and finally Zebra electrifies it with his Thunder Noise. Even though it was a mighty movement done against the Four Beast it had minor damage on the monster as it was quickly broken.
Ou Shoku Bansan small
  • Dinner of Kings (王食晩餐 Ō Shoku Bansan, Meal Fit for a King in the English versions): A joint attack using the effort and Appetite Energy of all Four Heavenly Kings. The Kings concentrate their all their energy into a ball of pure appetite, which, when launched, turns into a giant all-consuming maw. The attack will then proceed to consume the prey, regardless of the opponents actions, until it is completely eaten, and form into a ball, which harmlessly bursts after some time. One of the greatest advantages of this technique is that it will only aim for the intended prey, and nothing else, leaving anything unnecessary in a separate sphere. The greatest disadvantage of this technique is that the process of making this move requires a great deal of concentration and energy, leaving the users vulnerable to attack. Furthermore, for this technique to work, the users "appetite" and "spirits" need to sync.
Poison Sound Armor small
  • Poison Sound Armor (ポイズンサウンドアーマー Poizun Saundo Āmā): A combo attack done with Zebra. Coco covers the target with poison to infect enemies who touch the target while Zebra protects the target by using Sound Armor. This was used to protect Komatsu from Starjun during the Cooking Festival Arc.
  • Machine Gun Sound Poison (マシンガンサウンドポイズン Mashin Gan Saundo Poizun): Zebra launches his Machine Gun Voice in conjunction with Coco's Machine Gun Poison. The sound bullets and poison bullets then merge together to create powerful poisonous sound bullets.
  • Poison Fork (ポイズンフォーク Poizun Fōku): Coco uses his Drip Poison to coat Toriko's rapid-fire Flying Fork in poison to increase it's power. The forks also home in on the individual targets.

Part 2: Gourmet World SagaEdit

Offensive TechniquesEdit

  • Heat Poison Cannon (熱毒砲 Netsu Doku Hō): A more powerful version of Poison Cannon in which Coco streams a cannon of Heat Poison from his arm and fires it at his target. This technique of wide range managed to vaporize some deadly waves of the Thorn Sea.

Poison Boomerang (ポイズンブーメラン Poizun Būmeran): Coco molds a pair of boomerangs made out of solified poison and throws them around the target to spread a Poison Mist.

Poison Mist

Poison Mist (ポイズンミスト Poizun Misuto): By throwing a pair of Poison Boomerangs, Coco spreads a poisonous mist that can easily kill an enemy with a capture level of 300 and upwards.

Supplementary TechniquesEdit


Poison Life (生命毒 (ポイズンライフ) Poizun Raifu): Coco creates a poison that is a living organism itself and can act as an independent human with emotions and other reactions, it is what gives his Poison Doll "life". It can also mimic the abilities and personality of the person the doll was modeled after. This can be seen when the Poison Doll mimicking Toriko was able to mimic Toriko's acute sense of smell. Coco was also capable of recreating Mappy's Croakswagon, including the great speed that it can travel at.

  • Poison Umbrella (毒傘 (どくがさ) Doku Gasa): A simple umbrella made of poison, Coco stated it was strong enough to protect against machine gun fire. The Poison Rain of the Poison Rain Prairie rolled off of the umbrella like water, though the regions Poison Hail easily made a hole in it.
  • Drip Poison (劇薬の雫(ドリップポイズン) Dorippu Poizun): Coco emits a large amount of poison from his hands in order to coat an ally's attack to increase it's power.

Joint AttacksEdit

Enbu Shitennou Seiken

Four Heavenly Kings True Fist (四天王正拳 Shiten'nō Seiken): An Enbu Secret Technique used by all the Four Heavenly Kings. Having synchronized their 240 trillion cells in unison they put one of their arms together, causing these to fuse into a giant-sized arm. They then throw a powerful punch at their opponent to send him reeling. It has only been used against the Monkey King, dealing him a fair damage and making him bleed.

240 Trillion: Four Heavenly Kings Mold Spear Wild Dance (240兆 四天王モールドスピア乱舞 Ni Hyaku Yon Jū Chō: Shiten'nō Mōrudo Supia Ranbu): After the Four Heavenly Kings synchronize their cells, Coco creates multiple Mold Spears and throws them consecutively at their opponent.


  • Coco's poison spear
  • Coco Poison Bow and Arrow

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