Chief Priest
Japanese 宮司
Romanized Gūji
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Status Alive
Professional Status
Affiliation Gourmet Temple
Occupation Chief Priest
Partner Pahpoh
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Anime Episode 72
Japanese Sonobe Keiichi
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The Chief Priest is the priest tasked with leading the other priests within the Gourmet Temple and aiding "Gourmet Priest" Pahpoh with temple management.


He is a young man with permed brown hair and a round face who wears traditional purple, white and light-blue colored Japanese clothing reminiscent of a Shinto priest, which fits his position as chief priest.


The Chief Priest is a friendly and dedicated man who is devoted to the Gourmet Temple and aiding Pahpoh with his duties.


Toriko's Break ArcEdit

The Chief Priest along with Pahpoh is seen watching Komatsu pulling out the knife during the Food Man contest and Toriko winning the Gourtree Fruit contest. Upon seeing them share their prizes and their Food Luck with everyone present, the Chief Priest takes note that because of them the Food Man contests have ended on a very high note and Pahpoh agrees while sharing his wisdom.

Autumn Break ArcEdit


Pahpoh and the Chief Priest enjoying the Chitose Ame.

After the Gourmet Temple's supply of Chitose Ame ran out for the upcoming Shichi-Go-San Festival, Pahpoh made a request to Toriko and Komatsu and asked them to be the Food Men for the festival and to seek out the key ingredient in making the Chitose Ame, the Longevity Sugarcane. The two agree upon arriving to the temple where they are greeted by the Chief Priest who quickly takes them to Pahpoh.


  • His "title" is only mentioned in the credits.

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