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Damala, Tsurara, Sumire and Lulubhu arriving at Zen Ou


A Chef (also known as Cook) is a person who prepares food. In the world of Toriko, Chefs have a high status, which exceeds that of celebrities. According to Coco, in the Gourmet Age their influence surpasses that of politicians, religious leaders or artists. Since the most valuable thing in the world of Toriko are Ingredients, Chefs are held on equal grounds to them.[1]

A Chef is considered "top-class" depending on the quality of their work and the Ingredients that they can successfully prepare. Restaurants tend to be given rankings (or stars), which in turn reflects the ranking and ability of the Chef in charge.

Many high-ranking Chefs are also former Bishokuya and therefore are formidable combatants. This was observed when most of the contesting Chefs stood up to challenge the invading Bishokukai during the Cooking Fest.


There are four known rankings for chefs:

  • Head Chef: the head of the kitchen, and the one in charge of preparing meals.
  • Sous Chef (a.k.a. Vice Head Chef): generally the second in command, they are in charge when the Head Chef is absent.
  • Assistant Chef: these chefs are generally the ones who assist the the Head and Sous Chef.
  • Executive Chef: it is currently unknown what the ranking or ability of this position is, but within the Bishokukai, the Executive Chef is the highest ranking chef in the organization and stands above even the Head Chefs.

Chefs tend to form partnerships with Bishokuyas, known as Combos. Just as the strongest Bishokuyas form Combos with the best Chefs, so that the Chef can cook the best meals, it is the same vice versa, so that the Chef can obtain the highest quality Ingredients.

Known Chefs

Chef Goddess and Top 100 Chefs
FrohzeMS ZausMS SetsunoMS Tengu BuranchiMS DamalaMS
Chef Goddess Froese Zaus Setsuno Tengu Brunch Damala Sky the XIII
YudaMS AnyoJrMS CM GoronMS PippiMS KurakageMS
Yuda Anyo Jr. CM Goron Pippi Kurakage
SumireMS MitsurouMS KlaramanMS Three Eyes HorisMS WabutoraMS
Sumire Mitsurou Klaraman Three Eyes Horis Wabutora
ChiruMS YuujiMS LivebearerMS ReishunMS TairanMS
Chiru Yuuji Livebearer Reishun Tylan
Gen-chanMS LulubhuMS KopurikoMS DarinMS KoyubiMS
Gen-chan Lulubhu Kopuriko Darin Koyubi
AppoloMS MamiMS RikiyaMS MohMS TsuraraMamaMS
Appolo Mami Rikiya Moh Tsurara Mama
TonMS KamizaruMS MakubeeGC Granny KamaMS NerimaruMS
Ton Kamizaru Makubee Granny Kama Nerimaru
AhnGC KomatsuMS Help MomonringaGC FutomoGC
Ahn Komatsu Ega Momonringa Futomo
NiisGC RaiGC HesokuriGC CaptainDackoGC Unnamed Chef 9
Niis Rai Hesokuri Captain Dacko Unknown
SharonIkkiGC DofuGC
Sharon Ikki Dofu
Former Top 100 Chefs
ChiyoHS OotakeMS
Chiyo (Top 5) Ootake (99th)
Bishokukai Chefs
DoresMS KuromadoHS KariuGC BonelessGC StajyunHS
Executive Chef Dores Head Chef Kuromado Head Chef Kariu Head Chef Boneless Sous Chef Starjun
GrinparchHS TommyrodHS RyouteiMS ChiyoHS OotakeHS
Sous Chef Grinpatch Sous Chef Tommyrod Sous Chef Ryoutei (Formerly) Unknown Rank Chiyo Unknown Rank Ootake
AtashinoGC JoaMS MeriaMS NonoMS PenMS
Atashino Joie Meria Nono Pen
UmeMS MonchyMS KoryouMS CuminMS TacchinoMS
Ume Monchy Koryou Cumin Tacchino Kawagoe


  1. Chapter 224 - Coco explains the importance of chefs.

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