A Chain Animal being monitored.

A Chain Animal (チェインアニマル Chein Animaru) is an artificial “new species” of beast that does not yet exist in the wild. They are usually the result of either genetic modification, crossbreeding many animals together or is the result of cloning a long extinct species back to life. These creatures are produced in the 1st Biotope’s Gourmet Research Laboratory and serve many purposes to further advancements in “Gourmet Research”, such as the mass production of ingredients, the creation of new ingredients, the improvement of current ingredients and the revival of long extinct ingredients. These experiments are often not viewed well from an ethical stand point, so the IGO must perform them under secrecy from the public.

The Gourmet Corp. also produces their own breed of Chain Animals which are referred to as Scum Beasts and unlike the IGO's Chain Animals, these creatures are designed for combat purposes rather than for research and culinary use.

Known Chain AnimalsEdit

Artificial HybridsEdit



Numerous Chain Animals in the Gourmet Research Laboratory
A chimeric Chain Animal
A dinosaur-like Chain Animal
An octopus-like Chain Animal
A primate-like Chain Animal
An ursine-like Chain Animal
A goat-like Chain Animal
A serpent-like Chain Animal

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