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Mushroom  Century Soup  Sushi
IGO Icon 2 Name IGO Icon 2
Japanese センチュリースープ
Romanized Senchurīsūpu
IGO Icon 2 Statistics IGO Icon 2
Type Soup
Capture Level 60 (Original Version)
Less than 1 (Modern Version) Easily obtainable with a reservation at Hotel Gourmet
Location Ice Hell (formerly)
Hotel Gourmet
Price The rarity of the original version would make a bowl cost several billion to several hundreds of billions of yen. The modern version would still have a very high price due to the amount of high-quality ingredients and the effort needed to create it, though not as high a price as the original.
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
Manga Chapter 66
Anime Episode 24
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Century Soup is a rare and high-class ingredient, considered one of the greatest soups in the world. The soup only forms in the center of the inhospitable continent Ice Hell once every 100 years, and only under special circumstances. The original source of Century Soup was Ice Hell's legendary Gourmet Show Window; after it crumbled, the only "true" Century Soup that exists is a modern day recreation made by Chef Komatsu of Hotel Gourmet.


A soup cooked with hundreds or even thousands of ingredients. The "original" Century Soup was produced naturally when the Gourmet Show Window's ice is melted. The taste of the soup can also be reproduced with different ingredients boiled down so that the harsh taste is removed and only an extremely transparent liquid remains. The soup is so transparent that many have difficulty even seeing it. Even so, a "true" Century Soup produces a characteristic aurora.

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Century Soup Ingredient

Century Soup is extremely delicious and deeply flavorful, despite its insubstantial appearance. Virtually anyone who eats it displays a characteristic dopey grin of extreme happiness and drools excessively. The happiness it induces even affect animals, as Yun, who was saddened about his parents death, quickly cheered up when he saw the aurora.


Century Soup ArcEdit

After the events of Ice Hell and the Gourmet Show Window's demise, Komatsu managed to recreate the Century Soup perfectly after six months of experimentation. However he didn't file a patent for the soup because he'd be required to release the recipe; he feared this would lead to the overhunting of Wall Penguins, whose saliva is a key ingredient. Toriko chose it for the soup dish in his Full Course Menu. As the only chef able to make Century Soup, Komatsu single-handedly raised his restaurant's star rating from five to six, and gained a great deal of international fame and prestige.


  • The only person the Century Soup could not make smile was Midora, suggesting that his willpower and appetite are beyond even the soup's ability to overcome.

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