RiceBall  Celepig  Manga meat
IGO Icon 2 Name IGO Icon 2
Japanese セレ豚
Romanized Sere buta
IGO Icon 2 Bestiary IGO Icon 2
Type Mammal
Capture Level Less than 1
Length 2m
Weight 200kg
Habitat Artificially bred
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Chapter 159
Anime Episode 85
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Celepig (short for Celebrity Pig) is a luxurious breed of pig beast whose meat is a rare ingredient that is normally only eaten by celebrities.

As FoodEdit

Its meat can be made into a high quality steak but is hard to come by, although shops such as Barber Gourmet may occasionally be fortunate enough to get Celepig meat in stock. When made with Onion Goat Onions it is a truly delicious meal.



  • The Celepig was created by pen name Oden-san from the Osaka metropolitan area.

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