Cave of Old Age
Cave of Old Age
Japanese 老いの洞穴
Romanized Oi no Horaana
English Cave of Old Age
Location Area 4
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 356
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The Cave of Old Age is located within Area 4, the largest continent on the planet. It leads to the continent's civilization and the Gourmet Garden, where Acacia's dessert EARTH can be obtained.


It is a maze-like cavern and spans thousands of kilometers. Time flows 200,000 times faster within the cavern, quickly aging any travelers, hence its name. However, this aging effect can be reduced by use of Back Channels.



Sunny and Livebearer traveled through the cave and returned with EARTH, encountering the rest of the group. How they passed through without aging and without creating Back Channels is unknown.[1]


  1. Gourmet 356

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