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Type Bird
Capture Level Unknown
Habitat Unknown
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Chapter 145
Anime Episode 3
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Carrier Balloon Pigeon are pigeons with inflatable bodies who are used as carrier birds for the reporters of Gourmet News who are too far off to deliver their video data in person or are in areas with no available means of communication. All of Gourmet News's Balloon Pigeons are under the care of the Balloon Pigeon Keeper. Tina, a newscaster for Gourmet News keeps a uniquely colored one named Kruppoh as a pet and partner.

Balloon Pigeons have been shown to be able to inflate their bodies to a size larger than a human's.


  • Kruppoh, a uniquely colored Carrier Balloon Pigeon
  • A Carrier Balloon Pigeon's largest known size
  • Kruppoh in the manga

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