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Black Soil Snake
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Japanese クロヅチヘビ
Romanized Kurodzuchihebi''
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Type Reptile
Capture Level 15
Habitat Islandhorse
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Anime Episode 70
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The Black Soil Snake is a breed of a large snake with a spiky and somewhat skeletal appearance that is native to the forests of the Islandhorse.


The Black Soil Snake is a large serpentine reptile with dark brown skin (black in the original submission) and an ivory underbelly. The sides of its body are covered in rows of spikes, 14 on each side. Between some of its spikes it has what appears to be small fins, having a total of 4 pairs of them. The tip of its tail has a parted shape making it resemble a leaf-shaped tail fin with white tips. Its head is covered with a type of white skeletal-like armor which covers the entirety of its face with the exception of a small section between its eyes and mouth. The head armor appears to be flexible enough for it to move its jaw freely, and its mouth is full of sharp teeth. Its eyes are yellow and have slit black pupils.


Black Soil Snakes appear to be carnivorous hunters, as shown by the one that chased Komatsu and Safla on the Islandhorse. It does not seem to mind cooperating with other beasts, such as the Broccobats in order to subdue its prey, indicating that it may be a cooperative creature or that the two species share a symbiotic relationship.


Toriko's Break ArcEdit

A Black Soil Snake along with some Broccobats were first seen chasing Komatsu and Safla while they were on the Islandhorse. After a long chase, they finally managed to corner the two, but before they could attack them the beasts were knocked out by a falling Yashimodoki and a Roboster that were sent flying earlier by Coco and Sunny who had been on the Gourmet Carriage when it was passing by the Islandhorse.



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