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Bishokuya are the hunters of food who seek out multitudes of ingredients.

Bishokuya (美食屋, Bishoku-ya, literally meaning "Gourmet Food Providers", also known as Gourmet Hunters) are specialized in the acquisition of High-Level Ingredients.

Due to the difficulties inherent in securing certain ingredients, many have trained their abilities to superhuman levels, some of them even possessing Gourmet Cells to do so. Be it unusual displays of strength, phenomenal speed, or unrivaled endurance, these hunters are known for their capacity to surpass any normal, armed human being. While brute force may be the status quo, there are some known for using Knocking and other peaceful methods of collecting their quarry. Most of these persons are generally for hire, taking varying fees in exchange for the retrieval of ingredients that would be inaccessible to the contractor under common circumstances. Many pivotal individuals in the series are Bishokuya, including the main character himself, and a host of unnamed characters have also been seen working in the same profession.

To prove their worth, Bishokuya's tend to create Full Course Menu's made up of Ingredients they've hunted, so that clients can see how good they are, though this isn't compulsary. The higher the quality of the Bishokuya's Full Course, the stronger the Bishokuya in question. This also might attract Chefs to which the Bishokuya can form Combo's with.


Bishokuya's tend to do their jobs solo, though there are some exceptions. Sometimes groups are formed, though this does not necessarily mean that they work as a team. Known groups are:

Known Bishokuya

Unnamed Bishokuya

Gourmet God and Disciples
AcaciaGC IchiryuuMS JirouGC MidoraHS
Acacia Ichiryu Jiro Midora
FKHGC BishokukaiGC GourmetYakuzaGC GourmetKnightsGC
Four Heavenly Kings Bishokukai Gourmet Yakuza Gourmet Knights
ZongeGC ZongeFollowersGC ChinchinGC RappGC GuemonGC
Zongeh Zongeh's Followers Chin Chinchin Rapp Guemon
SakuraGC RalaGC MananGC TackGC RyuuGC
Sakura Rala Manan Tack Ryu
StarjunGC TsuraraMamaMS YocchiGC Toll BruboGC
Starjun (Part-Time) Tsurara Mama (Retired) Yocchi (Deceased) Toll (Deceased) Brubo (Deceased)
DrunkerGC SaflaGC PeckGC RyouteiGC MorijiiGC
Drunker (Deceased) Safla Peck Ryoutei Morijii
BishokuyaBanditGC RenalleGC UnknownBishokuya2 UnknownBishokuya3
Unnamed Renalle Unnamed Unnamed


  • Bishokuya is similar to the occupation of Gourmet Hunters from the popular manga/anime Hunter x Hunter. This might not be a coincidence since Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro and the creator of Hunter x Hunter are both friends.

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