Baron Archipelago
Japanese バロン諸島
Romanized Baron Shotō
English Baron Archipelago
Location Human World
Affiliation Galala Gator
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 1
Anime Episode 2
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The Baron Archipelago (バロン諸島 Baron Shotō) is a large archipelago north of the continent that houses Toriko's home and the World Kitchen. It is the home of the Galala Gator that Toriko captured in the story's beginning. It is considered an extremely dangerous "Off-Limits" zone to humans. It was later destroyed by the Four Beast, Gaoh. After the Four Beasts are defeated, Toriko and Komatsu return to the Baron Archipelago to capture the Mon Planc, which had been carried there as a seed by Gaoh.




  • Babaria Islands (ババリア島 Babaria-tō), or Baron Fence (バロンフェンス Baronfensu)
  • Devil's Mouth (鬼の口 Oni no Kuchi)
  • Baron Bog

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