The Narrator Highlights were short segments at the beginning of every episode of the Toriko anime that aired from Episode 2 to Episode 123 in which the narrator mentions one of the wondrous ingredients of the Gourmet Age to the viewers. The manga only featured a narrator highlight in Chapter 1 and Chapter 263. Below is a list of all the ingredients and beasts featured in the narrator highlights:

Aba LoneefEdit

Main article: Aba Loneef


Main article: Amagumo


Main article: Amagurione


Main article: Antpple

Apple PietoriteEdit

Main article: Apple Piteorites


Main article: Apricotton

Baatton CandyEdit

Main article: Baatton Candy

Back Flipura PowderEdit

Main article: Back Flipura Powder

Bamboo SashimicketEdit

Sashimicket Eps 68

Bamboo Sashimicket

Bamboo Sashimicket is a bamboo thicket where tuna, sea bream, squid, salmon and sashimi of all different colors grow. It first appeared in Episode 68.

Bamborn ShootEdit

Bamborn Shoot Eps 55

Bamborn Shoot

Bamborn Shoots are a breed of corn that grow from the ground in bamboo forests like bamboo shoots and even have the texture of bamboo shoots. It first appeared in Episode 55.

Banana StarrybirdEdit


Banana Starrybird

Banana Starrybirds are large ladybugs with seven rich, sweet smelling banana slices attached to their wings. They tend to fly together in groups and feed off tree sap. They live in the same area as the Oklion. It first appeared in Episode 72.


Main article: Barbecow


Main article: Biscuisland


Main article: Biscuizard


Bitterswell Eps 45

The heart-shaped Bitterswell.

Bitterswell is a seashell made of pure chocolate that can be found in a nectar-like sea of sugar water. Its flavor is considered agonizingly bittersweet just like the taste of first love. The Bitterswell also appears to be the favored food of the Chocolotters. It first appeared in Episode 45.

Blue HawaiiyokanEdit

Main article: Blue Hawaiiyokan

Bonito BushEdit

Main article: Bonito Bush

Bottom OctopusEdit

Main article: Bottom Octopus

Brandy SpringEdit

Main article: Brandy Spring

Breakfast IslandEdit

Main article: Breakfast Island


Main article: Broccherry

Buddhot CakeEdit

Buddhot Cake1

Buddhot Cake

The Buddhot Cake (仏ーキ Hotokeeki) is a fluffy hotcake which boasts a top-grade sweetness shining as if a Buddha was emerging from it. It is the work of Sakurai Takahiro of Tokyo. It first appeared in Episode 118.

Burning Hot ShrimbeachEdit

Main article: Burning Hot Shrimbeach


Main article: Butterfry


Main article: Cabbear


Cabbecheese Eps 37


Cabbecheese (キャベチーズ Kyabechīzu) are cabbages with leaves that are like layers upon layers of sliced cheese. First appeared in Episode 37.


Cacaokapi (カカオオカピ Kakaookapi) is an okapi whose skin is made of cocoa. The stripes in its legs are filled with many small and colorful chocolate candies. First appeared in Episode 97.




The Camegratin is a kind camel that lives in the scorching hot dessert that has a hump is made of piping hot gratin. First appeared in Episode 130.


Main article: Canolnaan


Main article: Caramelon


Main article: Caviant

Cha Han IslandEdit

Main article: Cha Han Island


Main article: Chalemelon


Main article: Champansy


Cheezucchini Eps 28


Cheezucchini are a dense and rich cheese plant with the faint sweetness of zucchini mixed into it. First appeared in Episode 28.

Cherrean MochiEdit

Cherrean Mochi Eps 28

Cherrean Mochi

Cherrean Mochi are cherries that look and taste like red bean mochi. It first appeared in Episode 28.


Main article: Chessyfish

Chicken BanrockEdit

Main article: Chicken Banrock


Main article: Chickringtosset


Main article: Chihuahuaffle

Chirashi Sushi RockEdit

Main article: Chirashi Sushi Rock

Choco DozersEdit

Main article: Choco Dozers


Chocolatomatoes Eps 37


Chocolatomatoes (チョコレートマト Chokorētomato) are tomatoes that, when completely ripe, overflow with sweet chocolate sauce from the inside. First appeared in Episode 37.

Chocolate FondewEdit

Main article: Chocolate Fondew


Main article: Chocorn


Chocolotter Eps 45


The Chocolotter is a breed of otter that lives in a sea of nectar-like sugar water and feeds on the delicious and chocolatey Bitterswell shells that are common in the sugary sea. It is unknown if the Chocolotter itself tastes like chocolate or if its name comes from its diet. First appeared in Episode 45.


Main article: Cloverger

Cocoa Powder SnowEdit

Main article: Cocoa Powder Snow

Colorage FlowerEdit

Main article: Colorage Flower

Consoumen WaterfallEdit

Main article: Consoumen Waterfall


Coraleal & High Clale Eps 90

A High Clale on a Coraleal.

Coraleals are coral reefs that resemble meal trays ready to serve. High Clales tend to lounge on top of Coraleals and then spout out 600 million yen's worth of ingredients on to them, completing its meal tray appearance. First appeared in Episode 90.

Corn Potage TreeEdit

Main article: Corn Potage Tree

Coronit CrabEdit

Main article: Coronit Crab

Cotton CandalonesEdit

Main article: Cotton Candalones


Main article: Cowcargot


Main article: Croqually

Crustacean Meat TreeEdit

Main article: Crustacean Meat Tree

Curry WellEdit

-A-Destiny SGKK- Toriko - 05 (1280x720 H264 AAC) -347CFA57- 20110629-14372532

Curry Well

The Curry Well is a miraculous well from which natural curry roux gushes out, mixed with wild herbs from its surroundings. It First appeared in Episode 5.


Custacorn Eps 57


Custacorns are delicious treats that taste just like custard. It first appeared in Episode 57.

Donburi FruitEdit

Main article: Donburi Fruit

Dorayaki FishEdit

Main article: Dorayaki Fish

Dorayarmit CrabEdit

Main article: Dorayarmit Crab


Main article: Ecleal


Main article: Edamamedaka


Main article: Eggplananaswan

Faced BonitoEdit

Main article: Faced Bonito

Finalemon PieEdit

Main article: Finalemon Pie

Fizzy Juice SpringsEdit

Fizzy Juice Springs

Fizzy Juice Springs

Fizzy Juice Springs are springs from which gush forth refreshing beverages made from deep, rich juices of the highest quality muskmelons and perfectly ripened mangoes, in which endlessly dance bubbles of sweetness. It first appeared in Episode 2.

Foam NattouEdit

Main article: Foam Nattou

French ToarkEdit

Main article: French Toark

Fried Dough CornEdit

Main article: Fried Dough Corn

Fried Horse Macko TreeEdit

Main article: Fried Horse Macko Tree

Frye FieldEdit

Main article: Frye Field


Main article: Fryon


Main article: Gaudychees


Main article: Gingystal

Gold DusquatsEdit

Gold Dusquats Eps 54

Gold Dusquats

Gold Dusquats are kumquats that glisten like gold. It first appeared in Episode 54.

Gold StisherEdit

Main article: Gold Stisher

Golden ScalletEdit

Main article: Golden Scallets

Gourmet JellyfishEdit

Main article: Gourmet Jellyfish

Granular BeansefishEdit

Main article: Granular Beansefish


Main article: Grapoodle

Ham and Eggrass PlantEdit

Main article: Ham and Eggrass Plant


Main article: Hamburgrass


Main article: Hanpenguin


Main article: Hatake

Hering CormbuEdit

Hering Cormbu is unique breed of corn that grows underwater like kelp plants. First appeared in Episode 67.

Hermit AvocrabEdit

Main article: Hermit Avocrab

High ClaleEdit

Coraleal & High Clale Eps 90

A High Clale on a Coraleal.

High Clales are large whales with red and white stripes that spout 600 million yen's worth of high-class ingredients from their blowholes. They like to lounge atop Coraleals. It first appeared in Episode 90.

Honey ForestEdit

Main article: Honey Forest


Main article: Horsetumpling

Houzukillet DumpingsEdit

Houzukillet Dumpings Eps 39

Houzukillet Dumpings

Houzukillet Dumpings are beautiful hozuki flowers that turn into springy and slightly sweet tender flavored millet dumplings. It first appeared in Episode 39.


Main article: Hyenapple

Ice Cream MountainEdit

Main article: Ice Cream Mountain

Jaguar ButterEdit

Main article: Jaguar Butter


Main article: Jamsect

Jewel MeatEdit

Main article: Jewel Meat

Jewelouis XIVEdit

Main article: Jewelouis XIV


-A-Destiny- Toriko - 27 (1280x720 h264 AAC) -AEE9E29C- 20111013-12541108


Jungummi is a jungle island where strawberry, melon, chocolate and all different flavors of gummies grow on trees.


Main article: Kangaroux


Main article: Karintapple


Kiritanpopo Eps 48


Kiritanpopos are dandelions that when fully bloom in a certain way they end up looking and tasting like kiritanpo (mashed rice pressed on a japanese cedar skewer and toasted). It first appeared in Episode 48.


Main article: Konpeitisland

Leafburg Steak TreeEdit

Main article: Leafburg Steak Tree


Main article: Lemonadurian

Lily of the RamenEdit

Main article: Lily of the Ramen


Lotteraffe Eps 88


Lotteraffes are giraffes whose tails go around and around like a lottery drum and the spots on their bodies turn into sweet candies with every spin. First appeared in Episode 88.

Loving CoupruneEdit

Main article: Loving Couprune

Lycoris RabananaEdit

Main article: Lycoris Rabanana


Main article: Macahorse

Magmacaroni GratinEdit

Main article: Magmacaroni Gratin

Mame DaifukurouEdit

Main article: Mame Daifukurou

Marbled PigEdit

Main article: Marbled Pig


Matsalmon are a breed of fish beasts that amazingly have Matsutake Mushrooms for tail fins. The Matsalmon gives off a mellow aroma of Matsutake Mushroom and is packed with autumn flavor. First appeared in Episode 23.


Main article: Matsutoctopus

Milk CaveEdit

Main article: Milk Cave

Minmin JelliesEdit

Main article: Minmin Jellies

Mirabilis Jalapanana and SafflowernanaEdit

Main article: Mirabilis Jalapanana and Safflowernana


Main article: Monaclam


Main article: Moncorefish

Mont BlionEdit

The Mont Blion is a species of large lion whose mane is made out of sweet Mont Blanc cake. It resides in a large forested region filled with all manner of delicious cakes of great sizes. First appeared in Episode 61.

Moomoo FruitEdit

Moomoo Fruit Eps 33

Moomoo Fruit

Moomoo Fruit is a dairy-rich fruit that squirts out peach flavored milk when squeezed. First appeared in Episode 33.

Mooncake TreeEdit

Main article: Mooncake Tree

Mount CroissantEdit

Main article: Mount Croissant


Norimakirewood are thick trunks shaped like norimaki sushi, and by cutting them into lengths like firewood logs, they can be made into one thin norimaki roll after another. Norimaki is a kind of sushi made up of vinegared rice rolled in a sheet of laver. First appeared in Episode 33.

Nugget PoppyEdit

Main article: Nugget Poppy


Main article: Nurseplant

Oden OnsenEdit

Main article: Oden Onsen


Okaki Eps 54


Okakis are small fish whose bodies appear to be made of different kinds of rice cracker snacks. It first appeared in Episode 54.




The Oklion is a species of large mammalian lion beasts that grow manes made out of solid okra. They live in the same area as the Banana Starrybird. It first appeared in Episode 72.


  • The Oklion looks exactly like the Caste Leo, the only difference being their manes which are both made of different kinds of food.


Main article: Okonofruit


Main article: Omelepelago


Main article: Opalobster


Main article: Orangiraffe

Palmed Meat Rice TreeEdit

Main article: Palmed Meat Rice Tree

Pancake FruitEdit

Main article: Pancake Fruit

Papayeet PotatoEdit

Main article: Papayeet Potato


Main article: Peacharella


Main article: Peachi


Main article: Peadoughnut

Piggyback ShrimpEdit

Main article: Piggyback Shrimp

Pike ShiyoyatreeEdit

-A-Destiny- Toriko - 27 (1280x720 h264 AAC) -AEE9E29C- 20111013-12512202

Pike Shiyoyatrees

Pike Shiyoyatrees are tropical palm trees that grow banana-like fruits that look and taste like fried mackerel pike and are even piping hot to the touch and covered with grease. First appeared in Episode 27.


Pineapprunes are fruits that mix the invigorating sourness of pineapples with the deep sweetness of prunes. First appeared in Episode 35.


Main article: Platinattou


Main article: Pogster


Main article: Popcushroom

Potato ChreeEdit

Main article: Potato Chree

Pudding PigEdit

Main article: Pudding Pig

Pudding Trumpet MushroomEdit

Main article: Pudding Trumpet Mushroom

Puffunny FishEdit


Puffunny Fish

The Puffunny Fish is a species of puffer fish which is so delicious that you can't stop smiling while eating it. It has a happy and silly appearance like a Fukuwarai, and it can change of place its eyes, nose and mouth. First appeared in Episode 112.


  • Its Japanese name is a portmanteau of "Puffer" and "Fukuwarai".
  • It was created by Gorgeos of Kagawa prefecture.
  • A Fukuwarai is a game like "pin the tail on the donkey" where you pin eyes, nose, mouth, etc. on a blank face.


Main article: Pugour


Main article: Pumpudding

Pureed BeansefishEdit

Main article: Pureed Beansefish'

Rawice EggEdit

Main article: Rawice Egg


Main article: Raydurian

Red Bean LakeEdit

Main article: Red Bean Lake

Red King CraburgerEdit


Red King Craburger

The Red King Craburger is a species of king crab whose body looks and tastes like a hearty hamburger, making it a hearty meal of both crab and hamburger meat. First appeared in Episode 83.


Main article: Rhythmussel


Main article: Rockpaper

Rose MeatEdit

Main article: Rose Meat


Roullotus Eps 90


Roullotus are roulette-like lotus roots that will taste good or bad depending on the timing it's stopped with. It first appeared in Episode 90.

Salmon Roe GrapesEdit

Main article: Salmon Roe Grapes


Main article: Saphialmond

Satsumallowtail ButterflyEdit

Main article: Satsumallowtail Butterfly

Sea ApouchoneEdit

Main article: Sea Apouchone

Sealt and PepperEdit

Sealt and Pepper Eps 56

Sealt and Pepper

Sealt and Peppers are a species of sea lion that have natural clumps of salt and pepper forming on their backs. It first appeared in Episode 56.

Sesame Seed DumplionsEdit

Main article: Sesame Seed Dumplions

Seven Flavor TurkeyEdit

Main article: Seven Flavor Turkey

Shepherd's PanpenEdit

Main article: Shepherd's Panpen


Main article: Sneekan

Soba WillowsEdit

Main article: Soba Willows

Soda Water BuffaloEdit

Main article: Soda Water Buffalo

Soda WatermelonEdit

Main article: Soda Watermelon

Soft Boiled EggoesEdit

Main article: Soft Boiled Eggoes


Main article: Soufflémon


Main article: Sparibster

Spring GirolfeEdit

Main article: Spring Girolfe


Main article: Suzuranbo

Sweetermelon PotatoEdit

Sweetermelon Potatoes

Sweetermelon Potato

Sweetermelon Potatoes are a breed of watermelon whose insides taste, look and smell like juicy sweet potatoes while at the same time having the sweetness of watermelon, allowing one to enjoy the flavors of the seasons of both autumn and summer at once. They appear to grow in arid sunny fields. It first appeared in Episode 83.


Main article: Tacosmos

Taiyaki FishEdit

Main article: Taiyaki Fish


Main article: Takoyakishroom


Main article: Takoyatree


Main article: Taphilloka


Main article: Tarturtle


Main article: Templant

Tofu PlainsEdit

Main article: Tofu Plains


Main article: Tomatizard

Tropinut TreeEdit

Main article: Tropinut Tree


Main article: Tulipudding

Udon JellyfishEdit

Main article: Udon Jellyfish


Main article: Umaine


Main article: Vanillamel


Main article: Waflotuses


Main article: Yakisahara


Main article: Yakisobuffalo

Yoghurt IslandEdit

Main article: Yoghurt Island


Main article: Youknas


Main article: Zebramen


  • Kenjirō Ishimaru voices the Narrator.
  • In Episode 128, the Narrator seems to imply that the beasts and ingredients seen in the highlights may not actually exist within the Toriko anime. Whether this applies to all of them or just a certain few is uncertain.

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