Teppei using the Back Channel.

The Back Channel (裏のチャンネル Ura no Channeru) is an alternate realm of space that can be used in order to safely travel through the Gourmet World without any form of repercussions. The Back Channel can be used for extreme stealth to the point where any form of senses are rendered useless as the space from which the individual comes from seem to exist in a completely different place. When one uses the Back Channel to escape a situation, they leave a trace of their scent, however the scent eventually becomes untraceable as the Back Channel cuts the individual user from the outside world, rendering any form of tracking useless.[1]

The Back Channel is in fact a realm of space which exists between the living world and the World of Souls.[2] The Back Channel first came into existence when ANOTHER exceeded the speed of light in order to escape Moon, causing it to create these paths through space and time. However unlike the World of Souls, time still flows in the Back Channel, thus allowing living beings to enter it without repercussions.

Apparently it is rather difficult to use and/or find Back Channels, as indicated by Daruma Hermit's surprise at Teppei being able to use it. One can also access the Back Channel by eating Acacia's Meat Dish, NEWS.

Geography Edit

The Back Channel is also known as the Back World, meaning that on the other side of the physical realm lies a completely parallel world. Whilst there has been no absolute geography of the Back Channel shown as of yet, it is show that within the Back Channel everything still looks the same as in the real world to those who enter, as the Back Channel is still closely tied with the physical world. The only difference is that the sky appears pitch black and one can see the souls that reside in the World of Souls. Those who have eaten PAIR can still see the souls beyond as though they were still in the Back Channel.

Entrance to the Back Channel Edit

Entry into the Back Channel is no simple task itself as normal individuals cannot even detect it. The mystery behind the Back Channel lies in the fact that it was a spatial anomaly created accidentally by ANOTHER, resulting in its few entrances being impossible to find. That and the fact that the only other method of entering it is by consuming the incredibly hard to capture PAIR makes it almost impossible for anyone to enter the Back Channel.

In order to easily enter the Back Channel, there is one requirement which is needed and see the Food Spirits that exist within the other side. This requirement is the consuming of PAIR. Due to the fact that PAIR's second half falls within the Back Channel, it bestows one with the ability to see through the Back Channel and even enter it. PAIR's ability allows one to communicate with the Food Spirits that exist within the World of Souls as well, and see them clear as day. However they cannot touch Food Spirits physically as the Back Channel still exists within the physical world's flow of time (albeit time moves slower here), as such one cannot actually reach the World of Souls through the Back Channel.

Uses Edit

There are two uses for the Back Channel demonstrated so far. The first use was first demonstrated by Teppei during NEO's failed ambush but was not named until Don Slime demonstrated it. This use is known as the Warp Road, which allows the user to find or open rips into the Back Channel and then open a different one elsewhere, however manually making Warp Roads can likely only be done by beings such as Don Slime or those who have consumed NEWS. Teppei shows that he easily slips through the Back Channel without a trace. This technique erases the traces one leaves behind which could otherwise be used for tracking, allowing for stealth movement and flawless escapes as the Back Channel allows one to travel outside the physical world.

The second usage is known as Warp Kitchen. Unlike the Warp Road which links two areas together in order to attain an extremely safe travel, the Warp Kitchen instead uses the rips into the Back Channel in order to create a room where time flows on a different scale. By creating the Warp Kitchen, chefs are able to prepare ingredients which will otherwise take hundreds, if not thousands of years to prepare. The Warp Kitchen differs from the Warp Road in that the user doesn't need to create a link to a different area as the area they need is within the boundaries of where they are preparing ingredients.


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