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Gourmet Surgeon
Name Atashino
Kanji アタシノ
Romanji Atashino
Race Human
Gender Female Female
Status Alive
Professional Status
Affiliation Ico igo IGO
0th Biotope
Personal Status
Relatives None known
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 193
Anime Debut Episode 111
Japanese Voice Kikuchi Kokoro
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Atashino (アタシノ) is a skilled doctor and chef well known as the "Gourmet Surgeon" and is a member of the 0th Biotope. She has currently been assigned by Ichiryuu to be the one to prepare Acacia's legendary drink, ATOM.


Partial full view of Atashino.

She is a young pale-skinned woman of average height with long black hair and a curvy figure. She is normally seen wearing a pink-colored surgeon's attire even while in the Gourmet World, which includes a surgical mask and cap. She also wears a stethoscope around her neck.

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Not much is known about her yet, although she appears to be completely loyal to Ichiryuu and was the only 0th Biotope member other than Melk the First allowed to come with him to see his new knife.

Powers and Abilities

Being a member of the 0th Biotope, Atashino can easily enter the Gourmet World and survive in its harsh terrain and fend off the beasts that dwell within it. She also showed no hesitation or worry with the idea of fighting creatures with capture levels around 400, showing that she is a very powerful physical fighter. Since she is a Gourmet Surgeon, she probably has high skills in the medical field.


Atashino wields a large umbrella in battle which she also used to cover herself from the rain in Slow Rain Hills.

Chef skills

Ichiryuu believes her to be the only person capable of preparing the drink ATOM of Acacia's Full Course Menu, showing that her cooking abilities are of the highest grade.


Bubble Fruit Arc

She is called to a meeting by Ichiryuu in the Gourmet World. Ichiryuu asks her to prepare the drink, ATOM of Acacia's Full Course Menu.

Four Beast Arc

She is seen again with Ichiryu and Melk the First at Slow Rain Hills. She tells Ichiryu that the Human World has calmed down because of the Four Heavenly Kings defeating the Four Beast.

Cooking Festival Arc

In a flashback, Atashino, Ichiryuu and Melk the First are seen in the Slow Rain Hills whilst attempting to get AIR, Acacia's salad. The IGO president comments that the other members of the 0th Biotope should already be near their destinations. Shortly after, however, Midora arrives riding his beast, a massive eight-legged tiger. Ichiryuu wonders if they can have a calm chat instead of fighting, but the Bishokukai Boss refuses. With the refusal of the Bishokukai Boss, two beasts -  a Rampage and a Tornadragon - appear from behind Midora. Atashino gives warning to Ichiryuu in regards to the beast and Ichiryuu says that he will leave the beasts to the her and Melk the First. As Atashino and Melk the First prepare to fight, Ichiryuu and Midora relocate to the skies.


  • When she first appeared, many fans mistook her for a man.
  • Her voice actor also voices Nono.

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