Area 5
Area 5 and one of Area 6's smaller continents (bottom right)
Japanese エリア 5
Romanized Eria 5
Location Gourmet World
Affiliation Deer King (Ruler)
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 246
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Area 5 is one of the eight major regions of Gourmet World and the location where Acacia's meat dish rests. It is ruled by the "Deer King" of the Eight Kings.


Area 8 in world

This continent is located southwest of the Human World, with Area 4 on its north and one of Area 6's three continents on its southeast. Area 5 is arguably the third largest continent on the planet, outsized only by Area 4 and Area 7, and it easily outsizes the Wul Continent, the largest continent in the Human World. Deep within Area 5's lands lies the Gourmet World's treasury, the Food Region Forest.



Known BeastsEdit


One of the Seven Civilizations was once present on this continent, however it is unknown if it still exists.



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