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The many action figures made for the Toriko franchise.

Figuax FigureEdit

Vol.1: TorikoEdit

Vol.2: CocoEdit

Vol.3: Komatsu with YunEdit

Vol.4: SunnyEdit

Vol.5: Terry ClothEdit

Guts Guts Battle FigureEdit

Vol.1: TorikoEdit

Vol.2: CocoEdit

Vol.3: SunnyEdit

Vol.4: ZebraEdit

Vol.5: Komatsu & TerryEdit

7-Eleven Lottery prize Jump Heroes Film Limited Edition Toriko & LuffyEdit

Toriko Gourmet Box 01Edit

Toriko Gourmet Battle FigureEdit

Gashapon Toriko Bishokuya StrapsEdit






Gourmet Stick SensorEdit

Gourmet Stick Sensor

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