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Japanese アカシア
Romanized Akashia
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Age 600+ (Deceased)
Professional Status
Affiliation The world
Occupation Bishokuya
Partner Frohze
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 50
Anime Debut Episode 15
Japanese Voice Tanaka Hideyuki
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Acacia is the greatest Bishokuya in human history and Bishokushin (Gourmet Deity), as well as the combo partner of Frohze. He discovered countless ingredients all over the world, including the Gourmet Jellyfish from which he discovered the Gourmet Cells, and is the first and only person to find the ingredient GOD, taking a long time to do so and only able to discover it in his final years. With GOD he was able to stop the great war that nearly destroyed the Human World centuries ago. He had a Combo with the legendary Chef, Frohze.


Although his full appearance has yet to be shown, it is known that Acacia favored loose, athletic clothing which often featured numerous bands, similar to Coco. At some point in his life he sported a goatee.

Acacia full body
Younger Acacia, full appearance
An older Acacia
Acacia Anime Design
Acacia anime design
Acacia Anime Design

Abilities and Powers

Acacia is widely renowned as the greatest Bishokuya to ever live, and is considered the founder of the Gourmet Age. He was capable of pursuing many high level ingredients, particularly those in the notorious Gourmet World. It is also possible that Acacia had extreme longevity, as he is said to have discovered Gourmet Cells roughly 605 years prior to the current storyline, despite having disciples who are still alive. Another clue of his strength is that his students, who are legendary themselves pale in comparison to him.



Acacia observing Nitro

Acacia discovering the Nitro.

Not much is known about Acacia's past, but at some point in his life he became a Gourmet Hunter and discovered many ingredients and made many miraculous and revolutionary discoveries. Upon the discovery of a creature known as the Gourmet Jellyfish, he discovered that it possessed a unique breed of cells known as Gourmet Cells which allowed it to regenerate its body from even the most severe wounds and any creature that would eat the Gourmet Jellyfish would end up becoming stronger and its flavor would increase. Acacia harnessed and used the Gourmet Cells to create and develop new breeds of creatures and flavors, showing that he was a very brilliant man. He then began the study of a highly intelligent creature known as Nitro. This creature eventually led him to discover the mystical ingredient known as GOD which possessed the essence of all the flavors in the world, making it the greatest main dish in the world, he would then add this dish into his Full Course Menu.

An End to the War

At some point, he distributed GOD to the leaders of every nation allowing them to become enlightened by its miracle taste, managing to end a centuries-long war between all the nations of the world, and bring about the current Gourmet Age.

Acacia and Disciples Eps 44

Acacia, taking on three disciples.

Near the end of his life, Acacia took three disciples: Ichiryū, the current president of the IGO, the "Knocking Master" Jirō, and Midora (the boss of the Bishokukai). While he did teach them many hunting techniques that were to become the basis of their greatness in their present day, he told them nothing about GOD, sensing that in the same way how it was used to end a war, it would be used to begin another.


Main temple

The temple where the deity Acacia is worshiped.

Being called the "Bishokushin", or "Gourmet God", Acacia is worshiped by the people of the world, and his achievements and gourmet discoveries continue to inspire the current generation. His golden statue is located in a gigantic temple called the "Gourmet Temple", which is visited by roughly 9 billion people every day, trying to get lucky and successful in their lives. His Full Course Menu is seen as a thing of legend in modern day and many of the world's people dream of tasting these miraculous ingredients, and currently many groups, such as the IGO, the 0th Biotope and the Four Heavenly Kings are seeking out these fabled ingredients in hopes of tasting them first and prevent them from falling into the wrong hands, such as those of the Bishokukai.

Full Course Menu

Hors d'Œuvre: CENTER
Soup: Unknown
Fish Dish: Unknown
Meat Dish: Unknown
Main: GOD
Salad: AIR
Dessert: EARTH
Drink: ATOM


  • It is possible that all ingredients in Acacia's Full Course Menu are named, or referenced to, elemental forces.

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