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Acacia (anime)
Japanese アカシア
Romanized Akashia
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Age 600+
Status Alive
Professional Status
Affiliation Earth;
Gourmet Nobility
Occupation Gourmet Hunter
Partner Froese
Personal Status
Relatives Ichiryu (adopted son);
Jiro (adopted son);
Midora (adopted son)
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 50
Anime Episode 15
Japanese Hideyuki Tanaka
English Chuck Huber
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Continuing to live... means continuing to eat things... And continuing to eat things.. means to keep killing things... Nature is always... giving life to us... That is why we share. Food... and life...

—Acacia's last words to his beloved Froese over her grave.

Acacia (アカシア Akashia) is the greatest Gourmet Hunter in history and is renowned and worshiped as the holy Gourmet God (美食神 Bishokushin) by the people of the Human World. Throughout his life and career, he discovered countless ingredients all over the world, including the Gourmet Jellyfish from which he discovered the Gourmet Cells, and is the first and only person to find the holy and phantasmal ingredient GOD, taking most of his life to do so and was only able to discover it in his final years. With GOD he was able to stop the great war that nearly destroyed the Human World centuries ago and begin the bright new Gourmet Age that would be based entirely around his philosophies on food. He was also the combo partner of the legendary "Chef Goddess", Froese.

Acacia is believed to be alive, however despite still living, he is no longer what one would consider the great Bishokushin. In an ironic twist of fate, Acacia has now turned into what would be considered the ultimate predator, a grotesque Demon with an appetite that wishes to consume the whole world. For these actions, it is very possible he is the true antagonist of the series. However, it is later revealed that Acacia has no control over his appetite demon and Neo is the one who manipulates and control him the whole time. As the result, these events make him a pawn and unwilling antagonist.



Acacia's face up-close

Acacia is a tall and muscular light-skinned man with long brown hair which he kept tied in a ponytail, his eyes appeared to have white or very light-colored pupils with very large eyebrows and under his eyes he had very pronounced tear-troughs. He is shown to have a large gash on his forehead when he is not wearing his turban.

For his attire, Acacia favors loose, athletic maroon and purple clothing which featured numerous purple bands and a pink turban, somewhat similar to Coco's attire. During the Gourmet War, he sported a goatee and had gained a few wrinkles.


Acacia turned into a demon.

During the capture of ANOTHER, Acacia is shown in the process of being used to revive his Appetite Demon, Neo. At this point he has mostly had his body taken over by his Gourmet Cells however, and his appearance is drastically changed. His body appears to grow in lumps, many of which put together comprise his overall body. While he retains his former facial features as well as the scar across his forehead, he has grown a long beard. His large body also has several arms growing from large, rotund shoulders as well as several demonic, monster-like segments sprouting in a long series from his back.

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Acacia is a brilliant and enlightened man of selflessness and great wisdom who only desired peace and food for all in the world. He is an intelligent man who had a great understanding of both science and spiritual philosophy, and he used these skills to help bring peace to all. He seemed cheerful and happy during his life, even having a sense of humor to annoy Jiro in his youth, however he shows a very serious persona when danger comes close, making no light of any danger that comes or when a serious situation such as PAIR's warnings comes into a conversation. Acacia cared deeply for Froese as well as their adopted children, possessing a close and loving bond with his family. When she passed away he was gravely saddened to the point of tears, but tried to stay strong for his family and the world.

It was mentioned that he was mindful of Jiro's great physical power and brutal personality so he sealed his "strength" and gave him "technique" which exhibits his intelligence in teaching and restraint. It was also revealed that Acacia had apparently made a secret arrangement with the Blue Nitro after having saved, and was saved by in return, the Blue Nitro PAIR when they were both on the verge of dying. The deal would allow Acacia to find out how to reach the Ends of the Earth while also helping the Blue Nitro to get there. He also planted unknown "seeds" that would ensure his success in the worst case scenario, such as when Froese unexpectedly became ill, he purposely made sure that Midora went in search of the Cure Water to heal her despite the incredible danger of doing so. These decisions may show that Acacia could choose an action that could be perceived as questionable for the sake of the greater good.

However, within Acacia lay a dark side born from his own Appetite Demon, a being that the Gourmet Nobles had been searching millions of years for and would be the key to finishing their goal of cooking the Earth. It is unknown how much influence this demon has over Acacia or what their relationship was like but one thing is for certain, with Neo alongside Acacia, Acacia has gained a brutal personality, rivaling or perhaps even more brutal than Jiro whom Acacia deemed dangerous in both power and personality. With Neo active within Acacia, Acacia continues to show a nonchalant attitude towards anyone, even his own adoptive son after destroying him. This side of Acacia seems questionable at best as not even Jiro was sure whether what Acacia has done in the past was real or not. When Acacia claims that his tears were simply fake during Froese's death, he didn't seem to care about his own adoptive children's emotions as he simply commented on whether memories had taste or not, showing that even in the most dire of situations, all Acacia could think about is his own appetite.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Acacia is widely renowned as the greatest Gourmet Hunter to ever live, great enough to be called the Gourmet God and is considered the founder of the Gourmet Age. He was capable of pursuing many high level ingredients, particularly those in the notorious Gourmet World. He is also a brilliant individual with advanced knowledge of biology and fauna as shown with his extensive research of Gourmet Cells and many species of animals. Acacia also had extreme longevity, as he is said to have discovered Gourmet Cells roughly 605 years prior to the current storyline, despite having disciples who are still alive. Another testament of his strength is that all his students went on to become legendary in their own rights.

Acacia was also able to hear the voice of ingredients, which clarifies that it is not specific to chefs.

Acacia physical strength is also overwhelming. The Blue Nitro could not tear Jiro's head apart in his half sealed form,[1] but Acacia easily chops Jiro's head off with one swipe when Jiro is in his unsealed form.[2]


Acacia was able to seal the enormity of Jiro's raw strength and gave him insight on "technique". This shows his capabilities of teaching is remarkable since Jiro went on to be known as "Knocking Master". It also leads to Jiro's undoing as Acacia knew Damage Knocking could be released.

Gourmet CellsEdit

Since he is the only one besides "Chef Goddess" Froese that has eaten the phantasmal full course they both made, Acacia has full control over his Gourmet Cells. This accompanied by eating and doing "food breakdown on every ingredient of this world" (stated by Mitsutoshi).

Appetite DemonEdit

Main article: Neo

During its travels, PAIR discovered that Acacia had been harboring an Appetite Demon within him. However, unlike any Appetite Demon which PAIR had encountered, Acacia's Appetite Demon was of a completely different level to any one could possibly imagine. The Appetite Demon lurking within Acacia then is revealed to be Neo - the monster from an unknown universe.  

When fused with Neo, the demon-like Acacia is able to consume AIR[3] - something which Komatsu confirms to be inedible.[4] Due to the power of Neo's insatiable appetite, Acacia is capable of consuming almost any form of attacks that is directed to him. Any attack directed towards Acacia will cause Neo to show its face and Neo will resist the attack by instantly consuming it. Due to the nature of this power, Acacia managed to not only defeat his former pupil Ichiryu's Appetite Demon, but also destroy his own pupil Jiro, whom he deemed dangerous to the point of sealing his powers.


  • Damage Knocking: Release (ダメージノッキング 解除 Damēji Nokkingu Kaijo): Acacia reaches inside an opponent and undoes any Damage Knocking, inflicting any accumulated damage all at once.[5]
  • Back Channel: Hard (): [6]



Acacia looking at Gourmet Jellyfish

Acacia researching the Gourmet Jellyfish.

Acacia became a Gourmet Hunter when he was four or five years old.[7] He discovered many ingredients and made many miraculous and revolutionary discoveries. 600 years ago he discovered a creature known as the Gourmet Jellyfish, and through research he found that it possessed a unique breed of cells (that he named Gourmet Cells) which allowed it to regenerate its body from even the most severe wounds and any creature that would eat the Gourmet Jellyfish would end up becoming stronger and its flavor would increase. Acacia harnessed and used the Gourmet Cells to create and develop new breeds of creatures and flavors.

Nitro (Black) Eps 66

Acacia discovers the Nitro.

Five years later, he began studying a highly intelligent species known as the Nitro. This species eventually led him to discover the mystical ingredient known as GOD which possessed the essence of all the flavors in the world, making it the greatest main dish in the world. He made it his goal to add this dish into his Full Course Menu. He encountered the Nitro PAIR during one of his dangerous travels. When he and PAIR met one another, they consumed each other for energy as well as to fulfill the one of the methods for capturing "Food Treasure" PAIR.[8] After their encounter, the Blue Nitro shared a vast amount of knowledge with Acacia relating to future events, such as the appearance of GOD and the coming of the Four Beast. Some time after, Acacia made a secret and unknown arrangement with the Gourmet Nobility in exchange for helping him to obtain GOD.

At another unknown point, Acacia met his combo partner Froese and together they would eventually raise a family in the near future.

Gourmet WarEdit

500 years ago a devastating war had begun in the Human World known as the Gourmet War which lasted over 100 years and threatened to destroy mankind. The war began sometime after Acacia's discovery of Gourmet Cells which resulted in a higher demand for food and an intense struggle began over the few resources that the Human World had for the immensely high demand. For many years, Acacia began researching ways to attain GOD and use it in hopes of ending the war while Froese focused on producing enough ingredients to distribute to those affected by the war's continued onslaught and food shortages.

Acacia going for ingredients with his disciples

Acacia hunting with his sons.

It was during this time that the young combo would discover two young orphans of incredible potential and adopted them as their own, naming them Ichiryu and Jiro. The family lived together for many years and eventually they would gain a third son, a young feral boy who Froese had saved from starvation, and they would name him Midora. The family lived happily for many years and Acacia taught his sons many secrets and techniques and shared with him his knowledge of Gourmet Cells, the Eight Kings, and many rare ingredients, such as the Cure Water that could instantly heal the body and spirit of Gourmet Cell users.

Many years later, once their children had reached adulthood, Acacia and Froese were sought out by the Blue Nitro who had been sent by PAIR to bring the two humans to it. Acacia and Froese warned their sons not to battle the Blue Nitro as their power was too great and they left that night for the Gourmet World.

Acacia carries an exhausted Frohze

Acacia returning with the exhausted Froese.

Much time passed after that with even the Gourmet Solar Eclipse appearing during this time, but Acacia would eventually return however with a gravely ill Froese in his arms. He explained that Froese had become weak due to overusing her "Cooking God" technique and needed rest. Knowing that she would likely not heal, Acacia had apparently made sure that an unknowing Midora would seek out the Cure Water and use it to restore Froese, as she would be necessary to reach the Ends of the Earth and obtain GOD. However, obtaining the Cure Water proved too much for Midora and he was left gravely wounded, forcing Froese to enter her Cooking God mode one last time in order to save him. This would prove to be her demise, and her family would find her limp body in the arms of her tearful son Midora. The following day, Froese was given a proper funeral by her family and Acacia tearfully said farewell to Froese and apologized that he could not stay as he had to leave on his journey and leave her behind.


After sharing GOD with the world, Acacia began the era known as the Gourmet Age.

At an unknown point, either taking place before he left on his journey or came back from it, Acacia would distribute GOD to the leaders of every nation of the world, allowing them to become enlightened by its divine taste and cease their hostilities, thus bringing an end to the dreaded centuries-long world war, and beginning what would currently be known as the Gourmet Age. An age that would mark the beginning of peace and unity in the world that solely focused on helping produce and provide food to everyone in the world.


Toriko and Komatsu reaching Gourmet Shrine

The temple where the holy Acacia is worshiped.

While Acacia did teach his sons many hunting techniques and shared with them vast knowledge that were to become the basis of their greatness in the future, he told them nothing about GOD, sensing that in the same way how it was used to end a war, it could be used to begin another. However out of his three disciples, he entrusted Ichiryu with the most amount of information and even entrusted him with the task of continuing to research the Nitro. Acacia also wrote many of his findings and knowledge into a special notebook which he apparently hid at an unknown point.

Being called the "Gourmet God", Acacia is revered by the people of the world, and his achievements and gourmet discoveries continue to inspire the current generation. His golden statue is located in the Gourmet Temple, a gigantic temple which is visited by roughly 9 billion people every day, trying to get lucky and successful in their lives. His Full Course Menu is seen as a thing of legend in modern day and many of the world's people dream of tasting these miraculous ingredients, and currently many groups, such as the IGO, the Biotope 0 and the Four Heavenly Kings are seeking out these fabled ingredients in hopes of tasting them first and preventing them from falling into the wrong hands, such as those of the Gourmet Corp. and NEO.

Toriko's Break ArcEdit


Acacia's "smile".

During Toriko and Komatsu's trip to the Gourmet Temple, they complete Acacia's "Full Course Pilgrimage" and pay their respects to Acacia and his ingredients. Afterwards Komatsu and Toriko are fortunate enough to win the Foodman Competition which requires a great deal of good fortune. This makes the temple's caretaker Pahpoh wonder if the two have been chosen by Acacia. He then looks back on Acacia's statue which almost appears to be giving a "smile" of approval.[9]

Cooking Festival ArcEdit

During the Cooking Festival, the ominous Dark Chef Joie refers to the legendary "Gourmet God" when he experiences first hand, the devastating power of Jiro's Knocking abilities. Joie states that due to Jiro's monstrous strength, the Gourmet God decided to seal a part of the Knocking Master's strength and teach him technique in the process.

PAIR ArcEdit

As PAIR and ATOM of the Gourmet Nobility talk about the recent events in Area 7, PAIR reminds "Kaka" that they must acquire the recipes to the Holy Ingredients soon before the next and last Gourmet Solar Eclipse which will signify the end of the world, a day that he remarks that Acacia has been waiting for as well.

When Kaka continues her story in regards to the Earth's current situation, she reveals the true nature of the Blue Nitro's goals. This goal was discovered to be the revival of an Appetite Demon which lurked within Acacia himself. She states that the Blue Nitro have been searching for millions of years to discover the location of the Appetite Demon and have been preparing ingredients as they wait in patience. It is when Acacia and PAIR met that the true goals of the Blue Nitro can finally become a reality. Chichi, Jiji, and Kaka betrayed the Blue Nitros upon the discovery of their true goals and Acacia's true involvement with the Blue Nitros.


Following Kaka's kidnap by Joie, Kuriboh comes and joins the Heavenly Kings as well as the Human World's skilled personnel to confirm the true goals of NEO. When asked about the credibility of Kaka's story about Earth's destruction, Kuriboh states that it is very credible due to the spaceship which NEO had been building in order to escape Earth. Shocked by the information, Kuriboh then states that when Acacia originally shared his Main Course, GOD, he was hailed as a hero that stopped the Gourmet War, however he had an ulterior motive for his actions. He only shared GOD with the wealthiest and most influential people during the Gourmet War in order to gain financial support from their descendants. This, along with the founding of NEO, were pre-planned by Acacia long ago. Sunny believes that due to the current events as well as the information gathered that Acacia is possibly alive. When Toriko asks about whether Earth's destruction is connected to Acacia's Appetite Demon, Kuriboh could not confirm; however Toriko states that if it is indeed Acacia's Appetite Demon that would cause the destruction of Earth, then the only plan is to stop Acacia's Appetite Demon from awakening. According to Kuriboh, ANOTHER holds a vital key to reviving Acacia's Appetite Demon.

With the Human World chefs and skilled personnel now reaching their destination to capture ANOTHER, the Heavenly Kings are partnered with skilled chefs in order to capture the other ingredients within Acacia's Full Course Menu. With everyone occupied with their own tasks, elsewhere NEO are busy doing cooking of their own. Teppei, having eluded the NEO members into believing he is one of them, finds a fearful Nakaume within NEO base, he tells the chef his plans to escape NEO base but first questions what Nakaume saw within the lands of Area 1. As Nakaume tries to remember, he remembers seeing a huge, grotesque monster in his memory, a Demon with Acacia's face.

As Nakaume continues to remember what he saw, the fear causes his eyelashes and the rest of his hair to turn white out of fear. He believes that Acacia's Appetite Demon will simply consume everything and everyone, and within Area 1 it is shown that many humans are being gathered to an area in order to be consumed by the Demon. However Teppei assures him that the demon is merely another being with an appetite of immense proportions and that he has seen appetites to match.


Acacia demands more fear and despair.

In Area 1's Farthest Kitchen, members of the Gourmet Nobility are cooking. They haul the captured humans into gigantic pans as they attempt to keep Acacia's Appetite Demon that Nakaume saw appeased. The Demon, now possessing most of Acacia's body and evolving it beyond, demands more savoriness from the despair and screams of its human victims. Members of the Blue Nitro fear that Acacia's Demon is reviving too fast and attempt to keep it docile by feeding it more food and humans.NEWS looks for Joie in order to assist them in reviving the Demon, named by the Blue Nitros as 'Neo', however Joie is busy purifying pieces of LIFE, but NEWS simply states to call the Dark Chef as Acacia is looking for him. With the Blue Nitro distracted for a mere moment, Acacia finds opportunity to revive part of his Appetite Demon and launches it straight to the upper body of NEWS. The Blue Nitros become instantly alert, fortunately NEWS was able to dodge most of the damage as they regenerate their body in an instant. All other Blue Nitros demand the capture of the small part of the Demon that revived itself as they fear it will devour all things in the world. As the small part of the Appetite Demon flees from the Farthest Kitchen, it consumes a Leo Tiger before encountering Jiro, Setsuno, and Chichi.


Acacia consumes AIR.

As part of Acacia's Appetite Demon fights the Knocking Master, elsewhere Acacia's body has become fully enveloped by his Appetite Demon and has began to rampage in the Farthest Kitchen.

After having sent many parts of Neo around the world, Acacia and Neo escape from the Farthest Kitchen via the Back Channel. Eventually he is tracked down by Don Slime, who challenges Neo into a battle. With Don Slime seemingly having advantage over the battle, Neo eventually shows its true powers, consuming everything its opponent throws at it. Acacia eventually shows his face when Neo eats Don Slime's final attack. Acacia himself eventually consumes Don Slime despite Don Slime's ability to regenerate. PAIR checks up on Acacia, worried he may have lost however Acacia has already won the battle and warns PAIR that if GOD is not prepared soon, he would consume PAIR instead as his appetite is slowly taking over. PAIR tells Acacia to wait just a little longer as the Gourmet Eclipse is upon them and GOD will soon reveal itself. PAIR then tells Acacia that while they wait, Acacia should help the Blue Nitro eliminate an opponent, his former adopted son Jiro.

When Jiro eventually defeats all of the Blue Nitro, Neo appears and beheads the Rampaging Beast.[10] However Jiro manages to avoid the damage as he took a Life Orb from one of the Nitro. Jiro disables Acacia's whole body but his mouth and the two converse. Jiro begins questioning whether the life he lived along with Froese and the two other disciples was real. Acacia simply attempts to get Jiro closer to him but Jiro continues to question Acacia, calling him by name instead of master. Acacia eventually reveals that he can use his mouth to release his Knocking and to attack. Jiro attempts to break the attack using Grand Knocking but Neo eats it. Acacia then releases all of the Damage Knocking on Jiro, releasing all the attacks unleashed upon the Rampaging Beast and commenting that it was him who taught Jiro all of his Knocking techniques. Jiro makes one final attempt to question Acacia and Acacia states that they were fake. Jiro then warns his former master that he must never tell Midora about the lies Acacia had made as Midora still believes in the past he lived. Acacia simply wonders if memories have taste.[11]

GOD ArcEdit

With the Gourmet Solar Eclipse occurring, GOD finally reveals itself to the world. With all of the creatures having their attention to Area 2, Acacia and the Nitro PAIR prepare to venture to Area 2 to capture the Divine Beast.[12] After defeating Midora, Joie has Tokage pick up Acacia from the Farthest Kitchen and take them to GOD. As Jiji is about to reveal the cooking method for GOD, Neo eats the Nitro and, passing through Starjun's Blaze Dome, Acacia taunts the group.[13] He looks upon his Main Dish with delight but is disgusted by the "flies" swirling around it. While he waits for Joie to infect the others with microbes, Acacia talks to them about his past and boasts about being a god. However, he quickly grows impatient with how long it is taking Joie, who admits failure. Incensed and confused at their sense of hope, Acacia asks why even Jiji did not despair in its final moments, and Toriko replies that Jiji succeeded in passing on how to prepare GOD. Acacia shifts into Neo, readying himself to turn their hope into despair.[14]

Full Course MenuEdit

Acacia's Full Course Menu
Course Course Ingredient Capture Level Status
Hors d'Oeuvre Hors CENTER Unknown Decided
Soup Soup PAIR 6000 Decided
Fish Dish Fish Dish ANOTHER Unknown Decided
Meat Dish MeatDish NEWS Unknown Decided
Main Course MainDish GOD 10000 Decided
Salad Salad AIR 6,200 Decided
Dessert Dessert EARTH Unknown Decided
Drink Drink ATOM Unknown Decided

Eating Acacia's Full Course Menu allows perfect mastery of one's Gourmet Cells as alluded to by Toriko's Demon and stated by Jiro. The ingredients of Acacia's Full Course are so difficult to obtain that it requires the combined efforts of Biotope 0, individuals renowned in power and specialized occupations. It took months of preparation to know how to get them, but most likely far longer to actually find them, which even for people of their strength and skill is considered extremely difficult. It has been revealed by Joie that the location of this menu leads to the Ends of the Earth. Just a tiny portion of its smell is able to make the Four Heavenly Kings' Gourmet Cells jump right out and show their face before they could even make judgement. This also happened to Coco when he touched the "mysterious rock object" during his fight with Grinpatch underground.

These ingredients are also known to not only be Acacia's Full Course Menu, but also the Full Course Menu of the whole world itself. It is believed that these ingredients are not simply ingredients that grow on the planet but is actually part of the planet itself. With the Earth itself being cooked as stated by Kaka, these ingredients are formed from Earth's own Good Taste, seeping out from within the planet to the outer surface, forming themselves into unique, extremely high quality ingredients every few hundred years. Their capture methods can change drastically if an unforeseen event occurs (such as PAIR being drunk dry by Bambina's Ancestor).

An interesting point of note is that the ingredients seem to require being captured in a specific order, as stated by Toriko. This is reinforced by how PAIR is situated in an environment with zero oxygen which requires the one searching for it to be able to survive without oxygen for extended periods of time. This coincidentally is an ability bestowed upon someone who has previously consumed AIR, which helps to support Toriko's statement.


  • Acacia is the scientific name for a genus of trees and shrubs commonly known as the "thorntree," "whistling thorn," or "wattle."


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