Mushroom  Aba Loneef  Sushi
Aba Loneef Eps 65
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Type Mollusk/Meat
Capture Level Unknown
Location Unknown
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
Anime Episode 65
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The Aba Loneef is a breed of sea snail which if grilled, tastes like a lovely steak with the combined flavors of abalone and Wagyu beef. Aba Loneefs resemble round-bodied sea snails with two small horn-like protrusions on its front. Outside of water, its insides can be seen through its transparent skin which resembles a cut of meat. When cooked its body becomes more clear and the meat can be fully seen as it is grilled, and once fully cooked, its transparent body is no longer present around its meat, likely either removed upon being done or decaying away as it is cooked.


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