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1st Biotope
Location Unknown region of the ocean south of Toriko's home
Affiliations Ico igo IGO
Mansam (chief)
First Appearance Chapter 19
Episode 7
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The 1st Biotope, also known as "Regal Island", is the largest and most productive of all the IGO's Biotopes. Located on a continent to the south of Toriko's home, it encompasses the Regal Plateau, the current habitat of the Regal Mammoth. It also houses the IGO Research Lab, where nearly 30% of the world's ingredients are produced. The First Biotope is presided over by Mansam, the IGO's third-highest-ranked official, after the President and the Vice-President. The island spans 500.000 square kilometers, and with 5000 meter tall mountains enclosing it in it's entirety.

The Biotope's current state of function is unknown as it was recently invaded by the "Four Beast" Gaoh which managed to kill a Regal Mammoth with one blow and caused serious damage to certain parts of the Biotope, and its state after the fall of the Meteor Spice or whether it was even affected by it remains unknown as well.


Regal PlateauDevil AthleticsWhite ForestBlack GrassGourmet Research LaboratoryMushroom WoodsSwamp of AntiquityRegal WallRegal Island Eps 12
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The beasts inside have an average Capture Level of 27, making the area dangerous even to Bishoku-ya.

IGO Research Lab

Gourmet Coliseum

The beasts in the coliseum were brought there from their homelands to test their strength and determine their capture levels and are not native to Regal Island.

Outside the Lab

Black Carpet

Mushroom Woods

White Forest

Swamp of Antiquity

Devil Athletics

Regal Wall

Regal Plateau

Regal Mammoth's body


IGO Research Lab

  • 30% of the world's ingredient supply

Gourmet Coliseum

Black Carpet

Mushroom Woods

Regal Plateau

Regal Mammoth's body



At unknown point in the past, Ichiryuu hid his main dish somewhere in the 1st Biotope and tasked his pupils to one day seek it out when they were ready. He hid it here for safe keeping so that one day it could be used to aid the world during a massive food shortage.

Regal Mammoth Arc

Toriko was called by the IGO directors to come to the 1st Biotope to aid in the capture of the Regal Mammoth's Jewel Meat. Toriko, accompanied by Komatsu were then escorted to the biotope by Johannes via helicopter. Upon arriving, Toriko would reunite with several old friends that Komatsu would meet for the first time, such as Mansam, Rin and Sunny, and Toriko would also adopt there a young Battle Wolf named Terry Cloth, and together they traveled the island and braved its dangerous areas until they found the Regal Mammoth and recovered its Jewel Meat after fighting the Bishokukai for it. The group then ate some of the Jewel Meat at the biotope's Gourmet Research Laboratory and had a pleasant time.

Meteor Garlic Arc

Toriko and Coco paid a visit to each of the IGO Biotopes which held the ingredients from Ichiryuu's Full Course. Although it was not shown, they successfully captured the ingredients from each Biotope, with the exception of the first which they realized would require the cooperation of all the Four Heavenly Kings in order to acquire it.

Four Beast Arc

During the Four Beasts attack on the Human World, the Beast King Gaoh attacked the 1st Biotope and easily killed a giant Regal Mammoth with one swipe of its claw.


  • Map of Regal Island (Anime)
  • Map of Regal Island (Manga)

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